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Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine is a method of working with the body's energy systems to help promote health and wellness.  It is derived from many different healing traditions, is complementary to traditional medicine, and teaches the client specific exercises and techniques to help activate their body's own healing abilities.

This approach is a hands-on healing modality utilizing "muscle testing" and other hands-on methods to access and work with the body's energy system.  The client remains fully clothed at all times. I studied Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and her faculty in the Eden Energy Medicine 2 year certification program. 

Working with the body’s subtle energies restores the flow, balance and harmony within the energy systems and can help to:

• Increase Your Vitality and Health
• Strengthen Your Immune System
• Reduce Pain
• Sharpen Your Memory
• Alleviate Depression and Lift Your Spirit
• Relieve Stress and Anxiety
• Alleviate Insomnia
• Improve Digestion
• Enhance Learning Skills
• And much more 

Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine

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