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Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as Energy Psychology or Meridian Tapping, is a simple and effective way to remove blocks in your body's energetic system.  It combines cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy with the use of acupressure points to restore the body back to its natural state of balance. EFT uses the same meridian systems as acupuncture and has been referred to as a psychological acupressure technique.

When a person experiences a shock or trauma of any kind or size, it can create a disruption in the body's energetic system. This block can present itself as emotional distress or physical pain. EFT works to reduce the intensity of the trauma/event/emotion by signaling your body that it is safe to think of the event or situation without going immediately into the fight/flight/ freeze mode.


Instead of using needles like acupuncture, I will teach you how to use your fingertips to tap on certain meridian points while we are focusing on the specific issue which you would like to see shifted.  EFT is very easy to learn and can help you remove blocks from your energy system to restore balance in your mind, body and emotional system.

I routinely use EFT in my practice and love the fact it is something I can teach you in the office, clear blocks painlessly, and send you home to use when situations occur in your daily life. EFT is easy to learn and it is a great stress management tool.

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