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(all testimonials are based on energy work services)

Traci is an immensely intuitive human being who helped me remember my ability to heal emotionally and as a result, physically. As a neuroscience and somatic oriented counselor, I was seeking someone to help me as I found myself triggered by my work and  I wanted to avoid burnout. Her skills as a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner helped me with my fears and to recover from depression and PTSD.  A side effect?  I felt whole, fearless, and stopped taking my medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was blessed to have a doctor that believes in meditation and supported my decision.  I knew in my heart that I was whole and that my meditation practice would suffice to conquer my inflammation.  Yesterday I received my blood tests and they were (as I already knew) normal. I am no longer afraid of death, of living a full life, of writing, creating, dreaming, embracing the unknown, and I believe in myself.  I believe I am whole, and that we all are, and I no longer feel emotionally and physically broken.

I feel inspired to share this information with anyone considering working with Traci.  She helped me to learn Eden Energy Medicine to get my body calm enough to immerse myself into meditation and to heal.  I feel so grateful in this moment to share. Much love and gratitude to Traci.  You have been a true gift.



I came to Traci in great need of balance within my life. After a short discussion about the causes of my stress and imbalance, Traci provided me with a session of Reiki.  New to the concepts of energy work, I was unsure of what to expect and a little apprehensive.  Traci's kind and professional manner made it a truly wonderful experience.  I have never left a massage or counseling session in the past as relaxed and centered as I did after my Reiki session with her.  She spent ample time with me and also provided me with tools to help manage stress to use at home and work.  I was so inspired by her work; I have since taken her Reiki Level 1 class which was really good!  am anxiously waiting to take the Reiki Level 2 class.

-Trish J.

Thank you for my last session!! I am noticing a difference and already seeing shifts for me and my family!!!   You do amazing work!!!! Thank you.  

 – C.G.

I had an appointment with Traci Hagie for energy work and found it to be very helpful to me.  We talked about what areas of my life to focus on and she worked with me. She was very professional. Traci let me know what was happening along the way as she worked. I felt I was a partner in the healing process.

-J.H., CMT

I wanted to let you know that I actually slept straight through for seven (7) hours last night!!!  I can't remember when that happened last.  Thank you so much for your work.


I cannot thank you enough for the energy medicine session you gave me. I have to admit I was skeptical before I experienced the session with you. When people spoke about what you were doing, I did not give it much thought until  I hit the brick wall and felt like I could not put one foot in front of the other. Since you worked on me, i have felt much better. If you can make this 53 year-old woman that fights chronic fatigue, IBS, and major stress feel better, I am sure you can make anybody feel better. I can't wait for my NEXT session!!!

-Angie R.

I had been sick with a lingering cold/bronchial issue since the beginning of November.  I had been feeling generally lethargic and lacking any real energy.  I trust Traci completely.  She is genuinely a caring person who takes the time to explain what she is doing and how it will help.  We went over some basic exercises that I can do on a daily basis to help with my energy levels, and then she did an energy clearing session on me.  It is very hard to describe the feelings I had during the session, except to say that I had "swirly" sensations throughout my body, and had a wonderful "warm fuzzy" feeling in my head throughout the course of the session.  I had my eyes closed, and though I couldn't describe any colors, I felt as though shapes were gently floating by, as if I were watching a lava lamp.  The topper was when Traci pushed on two acupressure points below the balls of my feet....I felt as though I could jump up and run a full marathon with energy to spare after that!  I am feeling so much better after my session, and I know that I can count on Traci to help if I have issues with my energy in the future.  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

-Debbie I.