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Rapid Resolution Therapy

Rapid Resolution Therapy® works with the primitive subconscious part of the mind which is what helps keep us safe.  It is the survival part of our brain, that in response to a real or perceived threat, sets off the chemical reactions in our brain to help us with the fight or flight response.

In traditional talk therapy the prefrontal cortex, the conscious part of your mind, is used to help you change your thoughts feelings and behaviors. If the conscious part of your mind was causing these problems this would work however the primitive subconscious mind is often what is triggering the signals that are being sent to the brain and nervous system.

This is why your thoughts and feelings may not make logical sense and why talking about past situations may have felt traumatizing.  Your body does not know the difference between time and space so when you are talking about a past trauma your body reacts by releasing the chemical in the brain and body as if the trauma was actually happening. The primitive subconscious part of the brain wants to keep you safe and sets your nervous system into motion to make the bad thing stop happening even though the situation is no longer happening.

Rapid Resolution Therapy® updates the primitive part of the mind so it stops trying to fix a problem that is no longer happening, leaving the person feeling calmer, happier and feeling more in control.

"By engaging the subconscious mind and eliminating the ongoing influence from troubling past events, blocked energy is released, healing takes place, and change is automatic. Negative habits and painful emotions are replaced by positive actions and feelings. Desired change is automatic and lasting." (

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