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Energy Medicine 

Westminster Office Location (80021)

Energy Medicine Specific Sessions (includes Reiki):

Energy Medicine and Reiki sessions have a mind/body/spirit focus can complement the counseling process. If you would like to incorporate energy medicine with your counseling  please let me know prior to our work together. These sessions are conducted fully clothed while on a massage table and can include use of the BioMat.

Intake Session:  $250 (90 minutes)

Follow up sessions: $190 session (60 minutes)

               Longer sessions are available upon request


What to expect during your Energy Medicine session?

The first session will be gathering of information and setting goals for our work together.  We will test some basic energy systems and I will teach you some exercises to help with these systems.  If there is enough time we will do a quick balance of some other energy systems which can also help with promoting relaxation.

During our work together I use a variety of modalities based on your energy system and your treatment goals and objectives.  I use methods out of my Eden Energy Medicine training and Rapid Resolution Therapy® as a base but often incorporate guided imagery, visualization, Matrix Reimprinting, and Emotional Freedom Techniques as needed on an individual basis.

Disclaimer:  Energy Medicine and Reiki are NOT a substitute for seeking professional healthcare advice.  The term energy medicine is not intended to represent that energy medicine is used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical problems.  Practitioners of energy medicine and reiki are not diagnosing or treating the physical body, which is the domain of the medical field, but instead are working with the energetic body.

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